BMW exhaust system

Not only producing cars and motorcycles, it turns out the BMW car company also makes the exhaust system or muffler (exhaust system). Recently, BMW released a new exhaust with custom designs that are deliberately built to add a collection of accessories especially for the models BMW BMW M3 Coupe, Sedan and Convertible.

With reference to the racetrack and on the road thinking, new exhaust system is made from materials resistant to heat and chrome-nickel alloy plated mild, they call this tool Inconel. This tool also has other advantages that flow drainage system is optimized to reduce exhaust backpressure and allow the V8 engine that is able to issue a power of 414 horsepower can produce more powerful sound.

It features visible on the thickness of the pipe is only about 0.8mm so it affects the car’s body weight decreased about 40 percent or 20 lbs when compared to the standard exhaust system. M Performance exhaust system includes pipes and polished titanium tips, and logo engraving M. The tool itself is a development of advanced technology and BMW with sporty style in accordance with the characteristics of the BMW M3. The development of these exhaust systems using state-of-the art CAD and FEM technology ensuring optimum fit and OEM quality.


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