Tips for interior maintenance and car seats

If your car has leather seats do not feel comfortable or was disturb your view, the most appropriate thing to do is change their seat with you or change / modify a little to your taste, there are 2 options to change the seat of the car in general is by using semi-leather materials / synthetic or genuine leather / genuine leather car seat.
let’s discuss a bit here.

Semi-leather car seat (leather syntethetic)

* Cheaper and affordable Prices range from 1.5 to 2.5 jt for the sedan and 3-4jt for SUVs
* Maintenance easier
* Easy to clean and not easy to spot infestation
* More options and colors

* Hard materials
* Materials Heat, especially after exposure to the sun
* Texture inflexible
* Convenience of less than genuine leather
* If the established model of folding and wrinkling results are not as good as the original skin
* The smell of the sting produced chemicals from synthetic materials
* Not durable as genuine leather
* Materials will be expanded after the use of 1 year

Genuine leather car seat (Genuine Leather Car Seat)

* Material genuine leather made from 100% pure cowhide that through such processes and thus can be used for your car seat.
* Looks always wet and humid, and semi-durable while the skin look dry and shiny
* Texture is very soft and very comfortable
* Anti-scratch and fire resistant
* Does not store heat like synthetic leather

General, these genuine leather materials imported from Germany, Italy, USA, Korea,
Karna Of these countries can maintain standards and quality products.

How to distinguish genuine and not genuine leather
* Original skin is very soft and easily crushed and feels tough, while the synthetic leather does not
* Always look moist but not wet
* Leather is available in sheet form, while synthetic leather shaped coil
* The size is based on the feet is not metered
* Unique fragrant smell of genuine leather
* Cold material that is held
* Withdrawn stretchy and will not return to normal


Use Soft and flexible material such as Kanebo or jersey material to clean your car seat
Use leather cleaner and not just any cleanser on the market, because it will ruin your seat and remove the smell of genuine leather that reflect the distinctive elegance of the interior of your car.
For maintenance you should do 6 months in the garage that has been trusted car seats


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