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Car navigation

Enjoy driving with a personal guide in your car, with a Car Navigation. Dual Zone, You can Listen Music and radio while in GPS Navigation. Continue reading


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Basic Components of Car Audio System

The series of audio devices found on a car is an important factor in making the comfort of your vehicle. even for a teenager, car audio is part of a trend that will make their owners proud. The series device known as a car audio system. many people are confused when going to upgrade their car audio systems, because they lack understanding about it.
What tool or device contained disebuah car audio system? This is described further below.

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Positioning of Subwoofer to Increase Your Car Audio System

If you want to get satisfaction for the subwoofer in your car, then one thing to note is that of placement. Here are tips to put your car subwoofer, in order to obtain maximum results.

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